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W4toW3D Texture pack
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Game engine got upgrade.

-Possible now put x4 times longer scripts files what allow users to play Worms 4 mission what need more code.
-Game get upgrade to animations limit. Now possible load x3 time more animations. Very helpfull if you want make worms 4 anim conversion or make own animations.

-Poxel and theme objects engine have upgrade. Possible now load more voxels maps and theme objects.

-Now possible load more emmiters in game. It fix problem with too many Napalm bombs fire on map.

-Other stuff like amount of string,containers,AI arena size,FrontendArena,camera was increased.


- Was fixed bug that after quit from NTX map and start a match with no NTX textures will not change to standard.

--NTX now allow to change main bundles of game like Bundle04 and theme objects.
--NTX now allow change sky for each map.
--NTX now allow change .aud files what can give own music and sounds in your map.
--NTX now allow change main xom of game for each map like tweak.xom,parttwk.xom,weaptwk,camtwk etc.


- Textures featured all textures from Worms 4
- Theme objects from worms 4.


- HD Icons + Big maps is working now :)

1. Worms3D + Patched to v.1073

2. Worms3D Mega Pack v3.50

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