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Worms 4 TheReturn Compact Version
Просмотров: 455 | Добавил: TheKing97 | Рейтинг: 0.0/0
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4 TheKing97   (08.07.2014 20:12:49)
TheKing97 Vorobey is not as boring as you think .. the fact is that this mod is the compact version which still do not have all the components that I currently have in the mod.
this mod is the complete well-developed, I would say, I have to create new gamemode scripts and other missions but are not able to do so, mainly I have to start by changing the scores of the match for much worms4mayhem.exe

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3 Вормус   (08.07.2014 12:39:21)
Вормус А мне вот с огоньком понравилось - я пироман...

2 Vorobey   (08.07.2014 11:33:58)
Vorobey Арбалет норм вышел. Дальше ничего не понял, выключил)
Чувак просто начал водить прицелом, стало скучно)

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1 DrHitman27   (07.07.2014 19:22:04)
DrHitman27 Починил картинки и ссылки.

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