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Worms 4 Mayhem: Ultimate Deluxe Edition v1.01 1.3
Mirror 13.03.2016, 20:41:10
Game vesrsion is: v1.01 (latest version)

Worms 4 Mayhem Ultimate Deluxe Edition standalone game of
+ Worms 4 Mayhem Deluxe Edition Pack V1.3
+ Worms 4 Mayhem Deluxe Edition to WUM Patch

Bringing back network play feature and contains 118 maps by Team17.
All maps from Worms 3D and Worms Ultimate Mayhemand some from Worms Forts.
All original Worms 4 is there, and 6 hidden maps is now playable. Bonus 4 RopeRace maps.

-All maps can be played in Deathmatch and Survivor mode(Deluxe v2).
-Hud and weapon panel is replaced with HD version from Worms Ultimate Mayhem.
-Worm model is now replaced with HD version.
-GameSpy online multyplayer is replaced with OpenSpy and now you can play via network again.
-Widescreen support.

--------------------------- How to install ---------------------------

1. Set your parameters and select Deluxe v2 script. If game crash select Deluxe v1 script and play. Next time you can select Deluxe v2 without crash.
2. If you have (4:3) screen, extract fix

--------------------- Known Issues and solutions ---------------------

1. "Deluxe v2" script can crash some times. To fix that, must run "Deluxe v1" script and then you can relaunch again with "Deluxe v2" script.
Diference with Deluxe v1 and Deluxe v2 is that you have Survivor mode new maps added in Deluxe v2.
2. Activatio of aspect ratio can brings blinking worms stats.
3. When join in game room after waiting, popup this message "We could not verify the connection with the remote machine"
To fix this, make exception in firewall and open port-s.

1. Windows firewall -> Advanced settnigs -> Inbound rules -> New Rule -> Rule type (Program) -> Program (WORMS 4 MAYHEM.EXE from your location) -> Action (Allow the connection) -> Name (what you want) -> Finish
2. Do same for Outbound rules.
3. When launch Worms 4 Deluxe launcher, check Auto PORT-s box

--------------------- Credits ---------------------

Angry Worm (Autor, Maps converting, Script Editing, GUI editing)
Alex Bond (W4MapLauncher, Worms3D map editor, Xom Viewer, Maps converting)
Woitek (Some worms forts maps converting)
4erveR (Help for GUI, Assistance for testing)
OpenSpy team (Multiplayer server)
MarioSonic2987 (Main menu and HUD for WUM patch)
Категории: Worms на Windows, Mac, Linux| Добавил: trta80 | Автор: Angry Worm | Тип лицензии: Бесплатно
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1 4erveR   (16.04.2016 13:05:43)
4erveR You made a mistake in web seed URL. Use dl=1 for direct links on Dropbox.
right version
(I added it to material)

upd: webseed doesn't work anyway :(

0   Спам
2 trta80   (20.01.2017 00:20:41)
Today file is updated. Download link is from dropbox.  :D

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