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Worms 3D: How make your own Mission
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In this tutorial I try write all important things with Worms 3D modding like:

1. How Make map with Textures with tutorial how to use some tools in W3d Map Editor + some tips for people who start modding.
-1.1 W3DMapEditor How it Work:
2. How Add map to Multiplayer Menu (for test)
- 2.1 Empty
3. How Add Map to Mission Menu
-3.1 Empty
4. How make mission script file (Lua)
- 4.1 Empty

1.1 W3DMapEditor How it work:

W3DMapEditor we can cut on 5 panels:


-Open Map...
This option open map .xom(Worms 3D) and .xan(Worms 4/Worms Ultimate Mayhem)

-New Map
This option clear map what you opened as last and make base for new map.

This option is list of last open Maps and Texture lists.

-Open Textures List
This option open *.txt files (Texture List file)

-Open HeightMap
This option open Worms 4 and Woms Ultimate Mayhem HeightMap Land. Using it you can also edit Height Map.

-Close HeighMap

This option close HeighMap without save.

Import Objects:

Using this option you can open Random Level objects. This work only for Worms3D and for load objects you need choose Data/Bundles folder in choose folder menu.

Then open Menu with Landscape types:


When you choose landscape type it will appear in Import Object Menu:


-Import Map
Using this option you can import Map. Imported map will be in Import Map menu:


-Import HeightMap

This option was created for Worms3D. Using this you can convert Worms4/Worms Ultimate Mayhem HeightMap Landscape to Poxel.

-Save Map As...

Using this option you can save your map: .xom(Worms3D) .xan(Worms4/Ultimate Mayhem)

-Save Textures List

Using this option you can Save Texture list for your Map. This option is blocked until you not load Texture list.

-Save HeightMap

Using this option you can save your HeightMap(Worms4/UltimateMayhem) This option is blocked until not open HeightMap.

-Import 3ds...

Using this tool you can convert 3D models to Poxel. But you can't import here full objects. Best result for import 3ds models you get when you cut model to more primitives models like Sphere,cube etc.

When you press on it you will see Import 3ds menu:


This menu we can cut to 3 parts:
-Top Smooth
Top/bottom surface will smooth.
-Side Smooth
Side surface will smooth and have wave form.
This option was created for import 3D land to poxel. When you check it unblock VoxDiv. As in other 3D models better cut  to parts for get more quality and more voxel map.

Poxel Menu:

-Poxel Size X
Here you choose how many voxels you want for X axis.

-Max Layers
Here you choose how many layers you want for Y axis.

-Poxel Size Z
Here you choose how many voxels you want for Z Axis

-Layers Smooth
If checked then layers for poxel looks more smoothy.

-Quality Layers Smooth
Default is 0.0500 if smaller then object is have better smooth quality.

This option is mostly used for convert Mountains,Rock objects to poxel. Like canyons.

Clear all user data and make it default
Using this option you can import 3ds models
Off Import 3ds menu

Back to your previous move
Back to your last move
Delete object if selected

You can choose what kind of view want use. Default it's Perspective.

-Multi Windows
It open you 4 view in one windows.

You can off it when press again this option.

-Show Grid
Show Grid It's also limit for HeightMap size. Default runned.

Show/Hide wireframe lines on Poxel. Wireframe demands additional loading on processor, therefore if your speed is small recommended off.

If you have Loaded Textures List and Loaded Textures you can On/Off it view

-Show Dummy
Show/Hide Dummy and Emmiters.

-Show Worm
Show/Hide Worm Spawn. Emmiter should have in Lib CheesyGrinWorm

-W4 Emmiters
Fix (in view) position for worms 4 emmiters in Editor.

- Hide Name
Show/Hide Names of Dummy or Emmiters.

-Show Points
In Poxel Edit Mode show/hide invisible poxels on editing Object. If you delete poxel then you can make visible it use Fill Mode apply new texture code.

Show/Hide Water Level of map

Show 3D model
This run when you Import 3ds model. You can Show/Hide it

-Box Mode
If your map very complex and you have slow speed, then use Box Mode.

-Cull Face
For incredible speed inside face can be to hide. For it use Cull Face.

To open form Style editor. Here you can change color of Gradient.

Active Color - color controller if active.
UnActive Color - color controller if unactive.
User Style - active/unactive color as setting by User.
Default Style - active/unactive color on Default.
System Style - active/unactive color from System Palette.

-Select Language

Default language is English, but you can use other languages. 
For change language press Options -> Select Language... -> Select... and open file of language *.lng (Russian.lng, Spanish.lng, English.lng).

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