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Главная » 2014 » Август » 10 » Pigeon Beta on Worms 4
Pigeon Beta on Worms 4
Просмотров: 605 | Добавил: TheKing97 | Рейтинг: 5.0/1
Всего комментариев: 7
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7 TheKing97   (11.08.2014 22:42:19)
TheKing97 Let me explain .. I want the pigeon without the soft light you see in the screenshot 1, it will change the value when the eyes of the pigeon still being glitch blacks, how do I not make them glitch

0   Спам
6 Woitek   (11.08.2014 22:11:31)
Woitek This have bones. He use worms 3D model

0   Спам
5 Veudekato   (11.08.2014 20:26:40)
not bad. can i ask? how you  make animation with model without bones?

4 Vorobey   (11.08.2014 15:17:20)
Vorobey Easy. But it's not retexture. And we have lost the habit of hard mods.
So ... Well)

0   Спам
2 Joker   (10.08.2014 21:52:07)
Joker Good, but bazooka is not so cool. Make a stick, pls

0   Спам
3 TheKing97   (11.08.2014 12:42:55)
TheKing97 joker, Please do not place unnecessary comments Purpose The Pigeon, Pigeon will, COMPLETE, but in the video Woitek revealed persistent problem in the Eyes then there are the blacks of Pigeon, then Woitek me said to change the value, and 'got it (problem of eyes 0:33 on video)

I have here the pigeon is perfect, but 3.0 xom this point of view I shared Woitek has problems with ID, then reset the game becomes the pigeon with eyes blacks, then I changed the value, but the pigeon is obtained with a soft light as the Holy Grenade Worms 3D

0   Спам
1 4erveR   (10.08.2014 20:22:29)
Good work

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