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Welcome, Так, забежал · RSS · 24.05.2018, 10:58:49
Welcome to my site! It is an english version of site. Site is Russian, so where are a lot of russian words. Don't afraid! I've tried to make site handy for english speaking people.
Now all parts of ours site are avaible in any language! Just use google translate tool. You can find it in the column on the right. Here is english version, translated by google. If you don't understand google translation, please ask us to translate the page in English Forum.
First, register on site.
If you are registered then login
Important! You must write at least 1 message in our forum to become checked user. You can do it here - just write "Hello" or any other message in the texbox in the end of the page and press a button with bold text under it(it's a "Send" button, but in Russian=))
After that you can explore site. Note, that you can go to this page from any page by clicking English Version in site menu
 http://w4tweaks.ucoz.ru/forum/16 - Our English forum
 http://w4tweaks.ucoz.ru/load/4-1-0-19 - W4MapListEditor By Gerich
 http://w4tweaks.ucoz.ru/load/4-1-0-39 - W3DIconEdit by AlexBond
 http://w4tweaks.ucoz.ru/load/5-1-0-1 - W3DMapEditor v.1.0. by AlexBond
 http://w4tweaks.ucoz.ru/load/4-1-0-46 - W4MapPackLauncher v.1.0. by Gerich. It has only one map pack - Standart.mpl.
 http://w4tweaks.ucoz.ru/load/4-1-0-52 - W4MapPackEditor v.1.0 for creating and editing map packs for program W4MapPackLauncher v.1.0.
If you have any suggestions to improve site for english users please write them here
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